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Horizon Ferry Harbourfront to Harbourbay

Horizon Fast Ferry is ferry operator with daily destination from Harbourfront Singapore to Harbourbay Batam Island returns. Nearer distance than other ferry terminal, it just 45 minutes sailing. Also Harbourbay is a Batam Island ferry terminal close to downtown. Just spending 10 minutes riding to city center, such as Nagoya or Baloi area.
Smile Batam providing Horizon Fast Ferry booking with promotional fares, especially for 2 ways MONDAY to THURSDAY departure and returns for minimum 2 persons customer. Also including free pick-up from Harbourbay to downtown (hotel,shopping mall,etc). Business class seats also available with extra cost SGD12/pax/trip.

Start from October 2019, any minor change about Horizon Ferry schedule on weekend. Extra ferry time available also on Saturday and Sunday departure, subject with confirmation. Source:

For make booking Horizon Fast Ferry with Smile Batam, we need information about departure date and ferry timing, include return time also. And all of passangers passport detail, which consist of full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date, and nationality. Payment option can be make via singapore or indonesia manual bank transfer, credit card or Paypal. For easy step please to fill booking form below.
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